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Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller: 4th conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS): Gesture: Evolution, brain, and linguistic structures

Projektleitung Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller
ProjektmitarbeiterInnen Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller; PD Dr. Ellen Fricke; Prof. Dr. med. Hedda Lausberg; Prof. Dr. Katja Liebal; Prof. Dr. Irene Mittelberg; ProjektmitarbeiterInnen: Jana Bressem, M.A.;Silva Ladewig, M.A.; Susanne Tag, M.A.; Dr. Ulrike Wrobel
Date 25/07/2010 - 30/10/2010
Fakultät Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl Professur für Sprachgebrauch und Multimodale Kommunikation


The conference "Gesture: Evolution, brain and linguistic structures" is the fourth biannual meeting of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS). The conference takes place at the European University Frankfurt Oder and is hosted by the VW-Project "Towards a grammar of gesture – evolution, brain, and linguistic structures". The conference has the following thematic foci: linguistic, semiotic and pragmatic approaches to human gestural communication with a special focus on cognitive linguistic perspectives, possible evolutionary precursors, and neural correlates of gestures. A major goal is to provide a platform to discuss both specific research questions within these areas and interdisciplinary approaches connecting these distinct areas of gesture research.


Drittmittelgeber VolkswagenStiftung
Finanzierungsart Third-party funding (100%)
Weitere Drittmittelgeber DFG, VolkswagenStiftung


Kooperationspartner Program chairs: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Müller (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/ Oder); PD Dr. habil Ellen Fricke (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/ Oder); Prof. Dr. Hedda Lausberg (German Sport University, Cologne); Dr. Katja Liebal (Freie Universität Berlin); Dr. Irene Mittelberg (HumTec, RWTH Aachen University)