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Pawel Lewicki: European Bodies in the Making

Projektleitung Pawel Lewicki
ProjektmitarbeiterInnen Dr. des. Pawel Lewicki, WHK Malwina Donarska
Date 19/11/2015 - 20/11/2015
Fakultät Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl Professur für Vergleichende Mitteleuropastudien


The aim of this workshop is to move beyond the current core and peripheries approach to Europeanization and explore the potential of bodies to study “Europe” and its effects. By focusing on body, embodiment and body performance we would like to challenge the often dichotomous approach of “in” and “out”, “black” and “white”, “now” and “then”, “past” and “future”, “here” and “there”, “modern” and “backward” or “male” and “female” and explore the potential of bodies to study Europeanization. How focus on bodies enables to explore the analytical value of Europeanization in studies of culture? How Europeanization contributes to analytical understanding of body? How “Europe” becomes visible on and in bodies? What limits and borders can be denoted on and in bodies when Europe and Europeanization as a device of power is scrutinized? What are the overlapping and twisted strategies of power of Europe visible on and in bodies?


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