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Jennifer Ramme: How to think differently about the political and escape the categories?

VortagendeR Jennifer Ramme
Tagung How to act together: From collective engagement to protest, 3rd International conference of the Group for Social Engagement Studies Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory
Ort Belgrad
Jahr 2015


Since the rise of social protest at many places in the world “How to act together for political change?” is a question, which is more and more of importance. On reason for that is a well the rise of identity based conflicts. The aforementioned question leads also to problems social activism face during struggles for social change: the tension between identity modes of activism and the aim of liberation from identities modes. Especially in radical feminist/LGBT movements such discussions took place already in times of movement formations in the 70s, but as well now – for example in the frame of the recent Occupy movements in the USA. The presentation will give some insights in those discussions and than concentrate on the thinking about the political, agency and categories as such. When we drive away from the concepts of identity, the problem remains how to think about and develop critique of larger social structures and how to gain agency and act politically in a framework based on identity and within discourses based on categories? Basing on theories and modes of perception coming from arts, aesthetics and critical geography this paper will explore if spatial and aesthetic perspectives might provide alternatives in thinking and acting.

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