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Florian Dost: The influence of psychological distance on consumers’ willingness to pay

VortagendeR Florian Dost, Karina Isaak Robert Wilken
Tagung EMAC 2016
Ort Oslo
Jahr 2016



We posit that psychological distance is an important
factor in an online shopping context: Products are just one
click away from being shipped to consumers from distant
locations (spatial distance), they have differing delivery
times (temporal distance), they are recommended and
judged by others (social distance), and they have varying
availabilities (hypothetical distance). Yet, researchers have
mainly focused on temporal distance as an antecedent
to profit-related outcome variables such as consumers’
willingness-to-pay (WTP). We extend the scope to spatial,
social, and hypothetical distance. Adding to pricing
research, we investigate effects of distance on range-based
WTP measures: We find that psychological distance leads
to higher mean WTP and wider WTP ranges. Applied to
an online shopping context, our findings imply that using
spatial distance cues in the product presentation leads to
a higher and wider range of prices at which a consumer
would still consider buying the product.

Einordnung in die Universitätsstruktur

Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl Juniorprofessur für BWL, insbesondere Marketing