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Florian Dost: The impact of a mobile sales channel on online and brick and mortar retail

VortagendeR Florian Dost, Erik Maier
Tagung EMAC 2017
Ort Groningen
Jahr 2017


Today’s omni-channel retail system is difficult to disentangle as it develops non-linearly with interdependent endogenous relationships. With the advent of mobile commerce, the system becomes even more complex and additional cells of the cross-channel elasticity matrix require investigation. We use empirical dynamic models, a novel non-linear methodology from biology developed for (eco-)system conditions similar to the omni-channel environment. Based on aggregate time-series data, we find empirical support for highly integrated omni-channel system of complementary nature. Additionally, by differentiating between mere visits and actual sales, we can detail pathways of customer cross-channel behavior (e.g., store visits generating webshop visits and, in turn, sales). However, the mobile channel is only loosely connected to offline stores and webshop, potentially due to its nascent stage. The mobile app is a traffic taker from offline sales, rather than vice versa.

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Lehrstuhl Juniorprofessur für BWL, insbesondere Marketing