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Samuel Eleazar Wendt: Rubber, Cotton, Cocoa - Plantation monoculture and Phytopathology in the German Colonies of Cameroon and Togo, 1884-1914

VortagendeR Samuel Eleazar Wendt
Tagung Ecological Networks and Transfers in Colonial Contexts, c. 1850-1920
Ort Kassel
Jahr 2015


This paper focuses on an analysis of this and other relevant articles published in the journal "Der Tropenpflanzer". By examining the character and development of cotton, rubber and cocoa plantations in the colonies Cameroon and Togo, this paper aims to elicit the character, dimensions and institutional structures of German networks in tropical agronomy. At the same time, it will illustrate how colonial agriculture and phytopathology helped to transform, perceive, observe and communicate environments and non-human agency.

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