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Samuel Eleazar Wendt: Rubber Plantation Monoculture and Phytopathology in the German Colonies of Cameroon and Togo, 1884-1914

VortagendeR Samuel Eleazar Wendt
Tagung 7th Tensions of Europe Conference: Technology - Nature - Environment
Ort Stockholm
Jahr 2015


The role of German botanists and Botanical Gardens in organizing expeditions, launching periodicals for the publication of their findings, and lobbying for the creation of plantations in the colonies has not been the subject of thorough investigation. This paper focuses on one expedition led by the renowned German botanist and explorer Dr. Walter Busse in Cameroon and Togo from 1904 to 1905. In 1906, a report of his inspections was published under the title Bericht über die Pflanzenpathologische Expedition nach Kamerun und Togo by the Kolonial-Wirtschaftliches Komitee. The study of this report will help to better understand how German tropical science and scientists were engaged and entangled with the global networks and institutional centres of ecological transfers and knowledge production, illustrating how phytopathology helped to transform, perceive, observe and communicate environments and nature.

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