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Dr. Norbert Cyrus: Improving the coherence of anti-trafficking awareness campaigns

VortagendeR Dr. Norbert Cyrus
Tagung Beyond the Midlands 3: International Conference on Human Trafficking
Ort Rome
Jahr 2018


Norbert Cyrus

Improving the coherence of anti-trafficking awareness campaigns

Awareness campaigns are an integral component of anti-trafficking efforts. However, increased awareness as such without action has no impact on the real world. Consequently, campaigners started to send messages calling either to support claims for policy changes or to change individual behavior, i.e. to buy responsibly, to abstain from buying particular goods or services, or to report suspicious incidences. Despite all the money that has been spent surprisingly little is known. Most campaigns, as available evaluation research consistently indicate, are not at all or not thoroughly evaluated. The few methodologically thorough evaluation endeavors indicate that an evidence-based judgement of anti-trafficking campaigns’ success or failure is impossible due to lack of evaluability. The existing shortcomings in evaluation processes have made it difficult to learn from the experiences of finished or ongoing anti-trafficking interventions. Without evaluation, one cannot differentiate between a bad campaign and a poorly implemented one. This hampers the development of insights into which instruments are the most effective for preventing the many misbehaviours criminalised today as ‘trafficking in human beings’. Comprehensive evaluation of anti-trafficking campaigns is an essential means of correcting mis-development and of preventing good money going to bad projects. Moreover, a thoroughly conducted evaluation is a knowledge-generator and project-improver. The prerequisite for improvement is a stringent and coherent consideration of evaluability in the designing of anti-trafficking measures. Evaluable campaigns can never fail. Even if they do not work out as expected, they can contribute to learning when thoroughly evaluated. The presentation concludes with a brief indication of six basic steps how to design evaluable anti-trafficking campaigns.

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