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Dr. Norbert Cyrus: Bringing the Right to Freedom of Movement Down to Earth: Tentative Outlne of a Research Program Promoting Free Movement

VortagendeR Dr. Norbert Cyrus
Tagung Border Deaths and Border Policies: State and Non-state Approaches
Ort Amsterdam
Jahr 2018


The most effective instrument to prevent life threatening migration passages is the granting of free movement. The individual Right to Freedom of Movement competes with states’ Rights to Exclude. Political Philosophers agree that democratic states may limit immigration provided they can provide strong justifications. I propose to take these justifications as compass and starting point for a consideration of institutional amendments that enable more free movement. The paper introduces the idea of a Critique Guided Designing as a methodology for the incremental development of institutional settings compatible with the Right to Freedom of Movement.

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Lehrstuhl Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Polenstudien
Link zur Projektwebsite (extern) http://www.borderdeaths.org/?page_id=654