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Peggy Terletzki: Successful Policy Patterns in the Enterprise Privatization in Central and Eastern European Countries of Transition

VortagendeR Peggy Terletzki
Tagung ECPR 3rd General Conference
Ort Bologna, Italien
Jahr 2004


The aim of this paper is to elaborate the political economy of privatisation and enterprise reform in Central and Eastern European Countries. I have analysed country specific factors of the policy process that can explain differences in enterprise restructuring. Restructuring is apparently more successful in some countries than others. There are significant and in research already confirmed economic insights like the positive effect of privatisation, outsider ownership and hard budget constraints. Additionally, I found explaining factors, which concern the institutional and organisational context of the reform. First results show that the organizational concentration of political competence to one main institution like the privatisation agency has a beneficial effect on the reform process so do the continuity in reform strategy or the sequence ’privatisation before restructuring’. There is a ’window of opportunity’ too, because early and quick privatisation seems to be more successful than others.

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