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Peggy Terletzki: The Privatisation Process in Central and East European Countries and Patterns of Policy Change

VortagendeR Peggy Terletzki
Tagung 3rd ECPR Conference
Ort Budapest, Ungarn
Jahr 2005


The aim of my paper is to analyse the policy process of enterprise privatisation in Central and East European Countries (CEE). The reform of property rights and the privatisation of enterprises was one of the big reforms demanded by transition. In nearly all countries privatisation has been finished so far, but has proceeded differently. A look back on the privatisation process shows several shifts in policy-making and a progression of country specific privatisation patterns. In my work I elaborate on how these patterns evolved. Therefore, I focus especially on the choice of political actor’s strategies and decisionmaking, and on the trigger mechanisms and conditions for successful process-oriented adjustments in privatisation policy. Furthermore, this policy analysis also attracts the researcher’s special attention because of the transitory nature of the policy field regarding the restriction by time and objective, and - resulting from that - the limited potential for imitation.

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Fakultät Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
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