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Maiia Deutschmann: The Interconnectedness among Institutions

Projektleitung Maiia Deutschmann, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner
Time span 10/2009
Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl Professur für Allg. BWL, insb. Internationales Management


Relationship Management as a form of bilateral governance consists of a number of management tasks that cover different stages. According to Heide (1994, 75) relationship initiation, relationship maintenance and relationship termination differ significantly among different governance forms. In our research project we aim at clarifying the impact of culture on the specific tasks of Relationship Management. For this reason we will use Hofstede´s dimensions and try to derive their impact on the different tasks of Relationship Management.

According to Hofstede, cultures can be characterised by five dimensions. The GLOBE research program expanded the Hofstede model of five dimensions of national cultures to 18. A re-analysis produced five meta-factors. One was significantly correlated with GNP/capita and, from the Hofstede dimensions, primarily with Power Distance. Three more correlated significantly with Hofstede's Individualism, Uncertainty Avoidance and Long-Term Orientation. The fifth included the few GLOBE questions that related to Hofstede's dimension of Masculinity versus Femininity. Thus, the GLOBE study´s results closely resemble the original Hofstede model (cf. Hofstede 2006, S. 889).

We assume that different cultural profiles will substitute, enhance or weaken the impact of Relationship Management. If our assumption should turn out to be correct, cultural profiles will not only have to be taken into consideration. They could also be used to support the management of business relationships.


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