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Prof. Dr. Lars Kirchhoff: Evaluating Peace Mediation

Projektleitung Prof. Dr. Lars Kirchhoff
ProjektmitarbeiterInnen Martin Wählisch
Time span 04/2008 - 11/2008
Fakultät Forschungsinstitute und -zentren
Lehrstuhl Institut für Konfliktmanagement


The study "Evaluating Peace Mediation" identifies factors, which need to be considered in evaluating peace mediation in the contemporary international arena. The study examines a wide range of parameters relevant for a systematic approach to and assessment of peace mediation, such as actors, mandates, symmetries of parties, aspects of organizing the process and determining adequate timeframes.

Therewith the study provides a general framework for evaluating peace mediation engagements with the aim of facilitating the assessment of cases ex-post-factum by international organizations, donors or mediators themselves. The final report seeks to contribute to a learning process within the mediation community and to create awareness of possible dilemmas and unintended consequences of mediation. Ultimately, the aim is to contribute to a higher quality of mediation as well as to more transparency.

The research project followed a call by the mediation cluster of the Initiative for Peacebuilding. The research team was led by swisspeace in Bern, with contributions from the Institute for Conflict Management/Center for Peace Mediation in Berlin, and the Centre for Security Studies (CSS) in Zurich.



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