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Martin Eisend: Meta-Analysis in Advertising Research


Meta-analyses have become increasingly popular in many fields of the social sciences, including advertising research. The results of meta-analyses attract substantial interest from both scholars and practitioners, as indicated by high citation numbers and widespread dissemination in the media. By summarizing results drawn from a set of studies concerning a specific topic, and by discovering and explaining consistencies and inconsistencies within those results, meta-analysis is an essential step in the process of knowledge accumulation, theory building, and theory testing in science. Many developments in the last years have contributed to the advancement of the method, but they have appeared in disparate literatures. Furthermore, each discipline applies the method in a particular way that corresponds to the major research traditions in a field. However, no attempt to introduce the method to advertising researchers is available. The purpose of this article is therefore to provide a comprehensive overview of the meta-analysis method to advertising researchers that describes the procedures that are commonly applied in advertising research, that provides a better understanding of the method and evaluation criteria for judging the quality of meta-analyses, and that serves as a starting point for advertising researchers who are interested in conducting a meta-analysis.

Autor Martin Eisend
Titel des Aufsatzes Meta-Analysis in Advertising Research
Jahr 2017
Zeitschrift Zeitschrift Journal of Advertising
Ausgabe / Nummer 36/1
Ranking B (VHB-Jourqual 2.1 (2011))
Seiten 21-35

Einordnung in die Universitätsstruktur

Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Lehrstuhl Professur für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Marketing

Bibliographische Angabe

Martin Eisend: Meta-Analysis in Advertising Research. In: Journal of Advertising 36/1, 2017, S. 21-35.