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Jana Scheurer: Schreiberfahrungen internationaler Studierender im deutschen Hochschulkontext


This master thesis examines international students’ writing experiences in the German
academic context. It ties in with existing studies located in the field of academic writing
research and contrastive rhetoric, yet attempts a paradigm shift by moving away from pure
text analysis towards a more informant-focused approach. By the means of semi-structured,
problem-centered interviews, an emphasis is set on the participants’ perspectives,
highlighting the point of view of the writers themselves. The interviews are based on the
following research questions: Which writing experiences do international students gather
in the German academic context? Which challenges do they face, how do they cope with
them and which support services should be implemented or extended? Furthermore, aside
from all the challenges facing the students, positive writing moments are highlighted. The
informants’ reports are subjected to qualitative content analysis as proposed by Mayring
and Kuckartz. The results show that there is a need to set a stronger focus on the context
of writing. Especially the role of peers and lecturers is essential in the writing process. Also,
the results suggest to regard international students’ writing not merely as a problem-laden
phenomenon, but also as a chance, calling for an empowerment of the existing skills and
knowledge the students already have.

Autor Jana Scheurer
Titel Schreiberfahrungen internationaler Studierender im deutschen Hochschulkontext
Schriftenreihe Schriftenreihe Schreiben im Zentrum, 10
Verlag Dokumentenserver der Europa-Universität Viadrina
Druckort Frankfurt (Oder)
Jahr 2017

Einordnung in die Universitätsstruktur

Fakultät Zentrum für Schlüsselkompetenzen
Zentrale Einheit & ZSE Einrichtung Schreibzentrum

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Jana Scheurer: Schreiberfahrungen internationaler Studierender im deutschen Hochschulkontext. (Schriftenreihe Schreiben im Zentrum, 10) Frankfurt (Oder): Dokumentenserver der Europa-Universität Viadrina 2017.